Bankruptcy and Divorce

Need a divorce and a bankruptcy but not sure which to do first? Watch this video by Scott Humble to learn about bankruptcy and divorce. Free consultation.


Should I file bankruptcy or for divorce first?


On Monday, I got a telephone call and they told me they needed bankruptcy and a divorce, and they wanted to know what came first. I can tell you the general rule, but specifically, I’m not going to know until I sit down and meet with these individuals. If I do that, of course I can go in and do the bankruptcy, but ethically, I’ve got to go and send both parties out to other attorneys for the divorce, unless they got along and agreed to absolutely everything.Bankruptcy and DivorceHaving said that, generally speaking, you want to do the bankruptcy first. There’s a couple reasons for that. Number one, you get that debt out of the way so you don’t have to argue about it in court on your divorce. Number two, it’s cheaper. You’re going to pay the same amount for a joint-filing husband and wife as you are for individual filing. If you get the divorce first, you both are going to pay the same amount, but twice. Please give me a call. Come in for a free consultation and let’s talk about it.

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