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 Personal Injury

Types of Personal Injury Cases

As with many professions, the practice of law has become and continues to be highly specialized. This is especially true for personal injury litigation because of the complexity and "high-stakes" that are present for all parties. Thus, not only should your attorney be well-suited to communicate to a jury or adjuster, but counsel also should have the widest possible background in your particular type of case.

We at the Humble Law Offices have a diverse background of knowledge and experience in the specialized areas of plaintiffs' personal injury loss. These areas include:

Airplane accidents
Auto accidents
Boating accidents
Construction accidents
Demolition site injuries
Jet ski accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Playground accidents
Premises liability
Products liability
Scaffold accidents
School accidents
Slip and fall
Toxic exposure

Airplane Accidents
Airplane accidents normally deal with two areas: (1) injury or death due to negligence or (2) injury or death due to a defective product. In either case, we at the Humble Law Offices -- with 17 years of aviation experience in both the pilot and mechanical areas -- are well-suited to assist you.

Auto Accidents
Most auto accidents result from undue negligence on the part of the driver. At the Humble Law Offices, we are well-equipped to investigate and pursue just compensation on your behalf from insurance companies who are all tooreluctant to pay a valid claim.

As with airplane accidents, a defective product also can be a cause of injury or death, a factor that must be considered during the consultation and investigation process.

Boating Accidents
Boating accidents are very similar to airplane accidents, occasionally with one exceptation. In boating, it normally is more common to encounter intoxicated boaters, who may contribute or directly cause injury to the person or property. With the extensive and diverse background of the individuals at the Humble Law Offices, we are able to represent you if you have been a victim in a boating accident.

Construction Accidents
Construction sites are dangerous by their nature; therefore, the law imposes a duty to provide a safe workplace upon the owners of the construction site or those who have control of that site. Should a construction worker be injured, it is possible to place liability on those who had that duty.

The longstanding knowledge and experience of those at the Humble Law Offices go a long way towards understanding what could have been done to protect the construction worker and what actually was done. Such facts often provide the basis for obtaining fair and just compensation for the injury and related damages.

Demolition Site Injuries

Demolition site injuries are similar to construction accidents; however, there may be a higher duty on the owner or person in control of the site.

Jet Ski Accidents
Jet ski accidents or watercraft accidents unfortunately occur more and more often each year. Although legislatures are scrambling to impose stricter duties to comply with licensing requirements, the accidents seem to be somewhat prolific.

In addition to the above discussion pertaining to boating accidents, one must understand the peculiarities of the smaller watercraft, the handling characteristics, the agility, jet propulsion, and skill level to truly assist an individual injured under these circumstances.

We at the Humble Law Offices have been associated with watercraft for six years, not only with respect to piloting but also to the engineering and mechanics.

Motorcycle Accidents
There essentially are two types of motorcycles involved in motorcycle accidents: those on the road and those off the road. Generally speaking, those on road are called "road bikes," while those off the road are called "dirt bikes." In addition, the "four- wheeler" can be added to the general off-road category, as it is the newest step in the evolution of the "three-wheeler" that Honda introduced in the 1970s.

The accidents that take occur on the road are most closely associated with auto accidents and to a certain degree take on those characteristics. However, your legal representative should understand not only the "sight" difficulty that auto drivers have of motorcycles, but also the different controls and variable uses of those controls on a particular motorcycle during the relevant time period.

Although off-road motorcycle accidents are somewhat similar to on-road accidents, there are some differences. In general, products liability is more prevalent off-road, and drivers have a higher duty to safely transport their riders.

Playground Accidents
For playground accident information, please refer to the above section on premises liability.

Premises Liability
Landowners have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition. When someone is hurt on the premises, the owner may be liablefor fair compensation if injury occurs and if the cause of that injury can be traced to a faulty design, maintenance, or practice.

Products Liability
Under the current law, manufacturers and their assigns have an extremely high duty to design and construct their products in a safe manner, and if there are dangers, those dangers must be communicated to the consumer in the form of an adequate warning. When these duties are not met, and injury occurs, the courts can place on the defendants what is known as "strict liability." That essentially means that there are very few, if any, defenses to the liability, and the only issue for the adjuster or the jury to consider is the amount of damages that should be awarded.

Scaffold Accidents
For information on scaffold accidents, please refer to the above section on construction accidents.

School Accidents
For school accident information, there could be a premises liability issue or there could be an actual assault or harassment type issue. For premises liability issue, refer to the premises liability sectionabove.

Assault or harassment occurs due to the negligent or intentional acts of another. This particular area of the law is changing at a very fast pace, but if you believe that you have been injured in this manner, you should pursue your concern with all due aggressiveness with a qualified attorney.

Slip and Fall
Slip and fall is a particular type of premises liability, as described above.

Toxic Exposure
Toxic exposure usually is a combination of a defective product and a premises liability case. In addition, toxic exposure requires experts similar to that of medical malpractice. It can be a challenging case. Therefore, it is important to hire counsel who is experienced in that area.


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