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 Personal Injury

Here is some helpful information to remember in the event you ever are injured:

Documenting your case and your injury(ies)
Car accidents
Slip and fall
Your mind set
Our commitment to you

Documenting your case and your injury(ies)
What do I mean by this? Depending upon the circumstances, it may be that the best that you can do to document your case is to recall all of the events and make notes in vivid detail. You also may be able to return to the scene and take pictures or obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses. Continuing to keep a diary of notes is a very good idea.

Documenting the injuries normally means taking pictures. Although the idea of taking pictures immediately following a traumatic event may seem distasteful, many times it is the best way to relay to the attorney or investigators the seriousness of your injury.

In addition, you must consider all aspects of the injury scene and must act quickly to ensure that the information that you gather is well-preserved for your use throughout the litigation process.

Car Accidents
The events that occur immediately following a car accident can determine whether an individual receives fair and prompt consideration and, if so, the amount of that consideration. Extreme care must be taken to avoid saying anything that could be misconstrued as an admission of fault or guilt. Even an apology could be misconstrued as an admission of fault.

Listen very carefully to everything that is stated by the individuals in the other vehicles, and write down what they say immediately after they say it. This could be very helpful in improving your case.

Stop, turn off the ignition, remove the key from the ignition, and warn others of the situation, all while calling 911 for assistance.

When law enforcement arrives, they should take all of the necessary information for the accident report; however, if they do not, then you should document all of the information regarding the drivers, the auto registration number, the owner of each vehicle, and insurance information.

Obtain a copy of the police report and take photographs of your car immediately thereafter.

It is best not to move your vehicle unless it is absolutely required and you can document its exact position until the police have investigated. Do not leave the scene until you are sure that law enforcement has obtained all of the necessary information from all involved.

Also, question whether any of the drivers are in the course of employment as their employer or company. If they are self-employed, they may be liable for damages as well.

You should assist in the investigation, especially if the law enforcement has not taken into consideration relevant facts such as skid marks and accident debris. Law enforcement also should document information concerning all eye witnesses and any other relevant information.

Remember, though, to be very careful and simplistic when assisting in the investigation. Do not admit any fault or apologize to anyone, including law enforcement. Do not delay in notifying your insurance company, but do not make any statement to them until you have had an opportunity to consult with a qualified attorney.

Slip and Fall
Pursuant to recent case law, slip and fall cases are becoming more and more difficult to pursue. Consequently, witnesses and scene documentation are becoming more important all the time. In addition, as a result of past abuses, insurance companies have become more suspicious. Therefore, a prompt and thorough investigation and documentation, similar to automobile accidents, would greatly improve your chances to receive fair and prompt compensation for your injuries.

Your Mind Set
Regardless of youropinion regarding personal injury litigation, the system attempts to make an unfair world fair. We all pay different insurance premiums, directly or indirectly, so that the money is available when circumstances arise to justify compensation. Your job and your attorney's job are to use cohesively all reasonable and necessary efforts to document the case well and to cement your position so that a fair and reasonable settlement can be negotiated or pursued.

Federal and state legislatures continue to pass new laws that change the practice of personal injury litigation. The courts rule every day on disputes that require the interpretation of all the laws, and they do not always come to the same conclusion for the same reason. In other words, the laws are ever changing. You therefore should consult with an experienced attorney to recommend a well-thought-out course of action to seek fair compensation for you if you are injured.

Beyond the just compensation issue, the emotional issues are ever looming. The unfortunate tragedy leaves its mark not only on the injured but also on other farmily members, sometimes suffer for the rest of their lives.

Our Commitment to You
We at the Humble Law Offices are committed not only to work diligently, expeditiously, and confidently on your matter, but also to do so with the utmost compassion and sensitivity.

We work with you in the "low-key" and "straightforward" manner that many people have leaned to expect and appreciate from us.

We also are committed to the entire process and keep you involved in that process by reporting to you periodically and by providing you with some of the information flowing through the process. Our commitment is long-term -- to pursue your claim in court if necessary with the required attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses, staff, research, and the like.

And should the circumstances require further attention, the Humble Law Offices will be there for you to work diligently at your side to resolve any of these issues, just as we did throughout the original process.


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